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What people are saying about DON’T QUIT

“What an amazing journey! The story of K.R. Mele biking across America is a testimonial to the faithfulness of God and his personal determination to complete a vision of riding across America to share Jesus with people in need of Christ. As he writes, you can feel with him the head winds in your face, the Word of God motivating toward the goal, and the excitement of individuals being influenced for Jesus. K.R.’s expression in Don’t Quit graphically illustrates the reality that the mission is worth the sacrifice. Experience with him the agonies of the challenges and the joy of the victories. You will find encouragement to not quit in the midst of your challenges as well.”—Stephen R. Tourville, D.Min., PennDel Ministry Network, Superintendent

“I do love a good bike ride! This journey takes us up challenging climbs, on exhilarating descents, through the desert heat and into the mental battle that accompanies any long-distance ride. Through it all, K.R. weaves a vivid reminder of what matters most in life. Whether you love cycling or not, I encourage you to press forward and enjoy the adventure!” —Don Casteline, Morning Show Co-Host, WGRC Radio, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Don’t Quit is truly an inspirational book of how God works through the improbable. My dear friend K.R. shares the story of his unlikely journey on a bike, across the country. With a heart for ministry, he details his interactions with others through God-ordained circumstances. You will not only be blessed but challenged to find what God has ordained for you. It was a joy to follow this story as it unfolded, and it is a joy to see it in print challenging others even more; so Don’t Quit, keep reading and be blessed.”—Dave Jones, Morning Show Co-Host on WGRC Radio, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

“Pastor K.R. nails it! We are all on a journey. The places we go and the people we meet all have the potential of being transformational. In  Don’t Quit, we are allowed to ride along with K.R. and his team and revisit the people and places he encountered on his coast-to-coast ride. We are challenged to take our own journey for Jesus and to never give up.”—Jim Pentz, Lead Pastor of New Covenant Assembly of God, North Central Section Presbyter of the PennDel Ministry Network