Pastor KR would love to come and share with your congregation or group in a variety of ways with the following messages:

Don’t Quit – based on the “Coast 2 Coast 4 Jesus” missions trip on bike, be encouraged to keep going no matter how hard life becomes.

Our Only Hope – find out why “Only Jesus Can Make America Great Again.”  Based off the message the team took with them on “Mission 66.”

Minutes Matter – from the new book, “Minutes Matter…Making Every Beat Count.”  Be inspired to begin living every day, every minute…like it truly does matter.

Lifestyle Evangelism – what would it look like if we literally stepped into the mission field every time we walked out our front door, and not just when we board a plane to go on a “mission’s trip?”  Let’s look in the Word together and discover what Jesus meant when He said, “you are the light of the world.” 

My House – What did Jesus mean when He said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer?”  This message will challenge you to examine why and how we come together for worship.

God’s Presence is Closer Than You Think – discover just how close God’s presence is when we understand that Christ dwells within us as we trust in Him.

Good Idea or God Idea? – Ever have a “good idea” but not a “God idea?”  Discover what the Bible has to say about discovering God’s plans for your life.

What’s In A Name? – There is One Name above every name.  Learn how Jesus is given this Name and the meaning behind Him being the Lamb of God.

When You Don’t Feel God – Sometimes the most difficult time to keep going is when you don’t feel God’s presence.  Learn how to know that the Lord is still at work in your life, even when you don’t feel it.

Is There Anything God Can’t Do? – We know that God could do anything He wants, but learn from this message some things that God can’t do.

What Is Jesus Doing Right Now? – Ever wonder what Jesus is up to right now?  This message will bring light to this question and help us understand what He is doing, right now.

The Three R’s – Rest, Relax and Renewal.  To be renewed, we must learn how to rest and relax.  Understand the keys to what God’s Word has to say about how to be renewed.

How Do I Know If I Truly Know God? – Have you ever asked yourself this question?  This message from 1 John will help people discover how they can truly know if they know the Lord in their lives.

Peacemakers – Find the Biblical keys to being a peacemaker.  For Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers…”  Want to be blessed?  Be a peacemaker.

Fruitful or Fruitless – Jesus chose us to go and bear fruit.  This message will help you understand the key to becoming a fruitful disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Devil Didn’t Make Me Do It, I Did! – We like to give the devil too much credit at times.  Let’s take responsibility and discover how to stop giving into the devil’s tactics and overcome him by the authority we’ve been given through Jesus Christ.