“Don’t Quit” will challenge your people to not give up no matter how hard life becomes.  From the highs and lows of the journey from Coast to Coast, Pastor KR will preach a message that will encourage others to seek after what the Lord may want them to do and to never give up in the midst of their daily battles.


“Our congregation was blessed to have Pastor K.R. share his message entitled ‘Don’t Quit.’ His message of hope netted a full altar which included a first-time visitor who gave her heart to Jesus. We have all felt like quitng at one time or another, while at the same time God has given us all a message of hope that we can share with one another.  K.R.’s personal testimonies coupled with the Word of God encouraged both the hope seekers as well as the hope givers. He would be a blessing to your congregation.  I highly recommend his ministry.”                                                              James R. Pentz, Lead Pastor @ New Covenant Assembly of God…Presbyter, North Central Section Pa/Del Ministries Network

“Here at the University of Valley Forge we hosted Rev. KR Mele
to speak in our daily Chapel service. His message was both
informational and inspirational to all of us who heard him.
Although his challenge was “Don’t Quit” from his story of biking
across America, that same message brought huge encouragement to all of us who heard him, no matter what we are facing in life. What a great message from a choice servant of God.”
Dr. Don Meyer, President of University of Valley Forge

“Rock-n-Roll Ministries’s KR Mele’s message of ‘Don’t Quit!’ was both challenging and inspiring. KR’s personal life experience and application of God’s word resonated in the lives of the people of Brawley Assembly of God Church. Thank you KR for making BAGC a pit stop on your journey across the U.S.”               
Pastor Troy Doudy, Missionary to Peru


“Our church invited KR to come to our monthly ‘Pasta and Praise’ service to share about his bicycle trip across the country. During his talk, “Don’t Quit”, we were made aware of our own tendencies  to want to accomplish something great for God on our own-only to find that we don’t  have that kind of strength. KR , himself , wanted to quit on the second day of his trip. But as he accessed the power of the Holy Spirit, he continued on-seeing 15 people give their lives to Jesus Christ along the way.  At that point, he could clearly see what God had in mind for that trip.  Crucial to that success was the assurances he received from his wife and the continued support from his riding partner-which reminded us of our need for the help of others. It was, without question, a blessing to all who heard that message and who needed that encouragement to keep going.”                                                          Pastor Bob Dornan, New Hope United Methodist Church

“This past year, Pastor KR came to chapel and shared about his newest adventure, ‘Rock and Roll Ministries’ and his recent trip to Africa. The students were encouraged and inspired by his message and personal testimony of “Don’t Quit” as you trust in the Lord’s strength to see you through to where God has called you to be or to what God has called you to do.  The students were so engaged and intent on listening to his message that they didn’t want the Chapel time to come to a close. His book, Don’t Quit, is a personal adventure story of spiritual growth and what God can do with a life yielded to Him along the road of life and literally along the highways of the United States. His message is challenging, sometimes humorous, but most of all encouraging as it inspires Christians to be obedient to the call of God in their own lives and to be faithful to share the Gospel and the love of Christ with those whom God places in your path. 

Pastor KR’s desire is to see the lost come to know the Lord, to care for widows and children, and to love the body of Christ through words of encouragement and through acts of kindness.  Throughout his story, your heart will be touched by the faithfulness, humility, and compassion with which he shares the hope and confidence of salvation through Jesus Christ with those who are hurting, lonely, and lost without hope.”                           Wendy Conville, Evangel Heights Christian Academy